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Internship in Embedded Software

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09.03.2021 00:00:00
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Join a group of world-class chip design professionals in providing high-performance digital circuits for state-of-the-art custom machine vision CMOS image sensor devices. Photolitics is currently looking for a highly motivated individual to fulfill the role in our design office in Bulgaria.

As an intern you will have the opportunity to gain experience in embedded software and digital integrated circuit design, while having the flexibility to continue attending university courses. We offer flexible working hours on a part-time basis where you will develop digital circuit blocks in the guidance of professionals in integrated circuit design. You will learn about semiconductor design and its fabrication steps, and have the ability to gain knowledge in research and development of CMOS image sensors and readout systems based on FPGAs from experts in the field.

The typical internship duration spans from 3 to 12 months. Depending on which year you are in your programme, we can offer collaboration towards a joint diploma thesis development, leading to a physical chip design, fabrication and characterization. After a successful internship placement you have the opportunity to continue your career development plan as an digital FPGA and ASIC Design engineer.

Specific Job Duties:

◇ Learn and gain relevant knowledge in digital design from senior staff members

◇ Perform design of FPGA and ASIC blocks in VHDL and Verilog guided by senior designers

◇ Develop skills in verification methods with C, Perl, Python and Matlab

◇ Get familiar with characterization of image sensor systems and integrated circuits

◇ Help in the development of embedded electronics systems for CMOS image sensor readout and characterization


◇ Be through your 2nd to 4th year of your university programme in Electronics, Computer Systems and Technologies, Telecommunications, Electrical or Control Engineering

◇ Be self-driven and self-motivated to develop your skills in electronics and microelectronics

◇ Familiarity with programming languages and digital design logic

◇ Good communication skills

Other knowledge and experience in one or more of the following fields is preferable, but not required:

◇ Good background in fundamental physics,signals and systems, digital signal processing

◇ Experience with electronics hobby projects

◇ Familiarity with linux operating systems and programming languages such as C, Python, Shell, Perl, Java


◇ On your way to obtaining a BSc or MSc degree in electrical or computer engineering, physics, automation or other relevant field

◇ Candidate must be an active team member and be proactive in gaining new skills

What we offer:

◇ Stimulating work environment and endless possibilities for growth and learning

◇ Teaching and supervision on a daily basis

◇ Be encouraged to publish work in highly-ranked scientific journals and have the ability to participate in scientific conferences and training courses

◇ Working with state-of-the-art CMOS fabrication nodes – with us you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of semiconductor fabrication

◇ Flexible working hours

◇ Generous relocation package and assistance

◇ Competitive remuneration

Photolitics is an equal opportunities employer.

Additional information on the position can be obtained from Deyan Levski.
To apply, please send your application with the usual document (CV), with an example of your prior experience


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